Allow your users all-in-one access to smartphones, tablets & desktops

What is ClarioNET?

ClarioNet is the way to access and use ANY
programme, or content or service on a server (or PC)
via another device (desktop or mobile unit like iPad,
iPhone, Backberry or Android machines). ClarioNET
can forward multiple client connections to multiple
remote hosts (servers & connected devices). With
ClarioNET, any administrator (server side) controls the
applications that Users have access to and controls
all related resource access and redirection
from one place. You simply download ClarioNET
onto your server and it works.
Technically, ClarioNET is
an integration of two solutions:

HTML5 Client: The new way to connect to the Server
Gateway without any download/ installation from any
WebSocket enabled Browser!
Server Gateway: The ClarioNET Gateway is a
WebSocket server plus HTTP server. It uses and allows
computer and session management, server side
directories sharing etc.

Why use ClarioNET?

With ClarioNET, you can offer the content & applications on your server securely via the most popular Web Browsers to your users with their
Windows, Macintosh, Android, Blackberry and iOS as client desktops, smartphone or tablets. No applets, no downloads. ClarioNET began life in America as a Remote Access solution. Now based in Europe, ClarioNET uses HTML5 technology to extend remote access to mobile devices (Remote Desktop & Devices or RDD).

Why not join the resellers selling
to the many thousands of users already enjoying
the benefits offered by ClarioNET?


Chris Kloss (MCSystems software LLC)
"ClarioNET is fantastic. The staff have been extremely
helpful in getting ClarioNET setup on my server.
My police customers will be using it to
access their in-house records from their cars. >
My code enforcement inspectors will be
using in the field to record their results of inspections.
I expect to make a lot of money with this product!"
Benjamin Krajmalnik (
"Making an application available remotely with a
flick of the switch was really cool." I was one of the
first adopters of ClarioNET and think it is awesome."
If I want to take an existing application
and make it accessible remotely, I could think
of no better ROI than ClarioNET." read more >