Product Overview:
ClarioNET now works on HTML5 . We believe it to be the world's first and fastest HTML5 solution. No plugins are used. Simply put, we have taken remote desktop to a complete new level.

ClarioNET is an integration of two technologies:
The HTML client which:
• Supports all Websocket enabled browsers and uses Canvas:
  Chrome, FireFox, Opera; IE 10, or IE with Chrome Frame plugin, Safari.
• Is all pure Html. No client apps and RDP host are downloaded and installed.
• Needs no Java, no Flash, no ActiveX, no plugins.
• Is streamlined for iPad, Android Tablets, Blackberry Playbook and touch interface.
• Requires Zero installation on BOTH client and RDP host.
• Offers security via TLS (SSL over RDP) and Network Level Authentication (NLA).
• Offers RemoteApp support. For the first time, you can use RemoteApp everywhere.
• Allows file sharing, downloading and uploading.
• Allows clipboard support.
• Offers easy printing. No need to install printer drivers for client printers.
• Provides sound to local machine or leaves it on remote computer.
• Gives you the best quality loss-less bitmap compression.
• Allows server side directory sharing.
• Client side IME support. You can use client side IME directly.
• DDoS attack check and prevention.
• Full of many rich features...

Gateway Server which:
• Is a WebSocket server and HTTP server.
• Forwards multiple client connections to multiple RDP hosts (servers).
• Uses and allows computer and session management.
• It provides server side directory sharing.
• With the ClarioNET Gateway, you can easily connect to different servers (farm).
• All this means that an administrator (server side) controls the Users, the applications
  that they have access to and controls all related resource access and redirection
  from one place: the ClarioNET Gateway.