Chris Kloss (MCSystems software LLC,)
"ClarioNET is fantastic. The staff have been extremely helpful in getting ClarioNET setup on my server. My police customers will be using it to access their in-house records from their cars. My code enforcement inspectors will be using in the field to record their results of inspections.
I expect to make a lot of money with this product!"
Mark Lancaster, ( Active Data Systems, www.active-data-systems.co.uk)
"Our product is a 200+ table system that is used for Adult Education in the UK. It is one of the largest on the market and it runs within Colleges, County Councils, private and voluntary organisations. Across all users the system tracks over 3 million people. The system covers enrolments, web enrolments, accounts, payroll, room bookings, government returns, etc. and has been in existence for 15 years. Individual customers range in size from small single-user sites with a couple of thousand students up to 300+ user sites with a couple of hundred thousand students. The system will work in TPS and SQL, with the larger users on SQL. Some of the larger users have a lot of sites and do not have a good enough network infrastructure or a thin-client solution already in place. This is where ClarioNET came into play."
Kevin Dunsford (Milford Software, www.milfordsoftware.co.nz)
"We have a health & safety & training management system with versions for <20 staff, <150 staff and multi-site organisations with 200 - 800 staff. We have 500+ installations and a few enterprises with the ClarioNET version. For the enterprises the current option is Citrix or ClarioNET. ClarioNET is unique in that the licensing overheads are nothing for us and we only need to maintain one application source."
Neil Brownlee,( pccontrolsystems, http://www.pccontrolsystems.com )
"Our webmaster application runs with some 400+ concurrent users - it is a massive and complex phone servicing application, which also has a "fat" client GUI too. Sellfone is our EPOS software, and is currently in about 450 sites, with between one and five PC's per store, and up to 50 per head office, all accessing Sellfone through ClarioNET."
Benjamin Krajmalnik (http://www.illumen.com/ )
"Making an application available remotely with a flick of the switch was really cool." I was one of the first adopters of ClarioNET and think it is awesome." If I want to take an existing application and make it accessible remotely, I could think of no better ROI than ClarioNET."